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This podcast exists to give people hope (and reasonable hope, at that!). Every episode features someone’s story overcoming one or more health conditions that most people consider chronic and progressive. It provides resources for people who are curious about how to improve their health. Diseases are reversible. Better lives are possible.

Every Monday, a new episode is released. The guest shares details of how they have reversed (cured?) their health problems. They give the listener enough information to look into for themselves if they want a similar health transformation. And their stories are inspirational all on their own.

For more, check out the preview episode of You Cured What?! 

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About the Host

Picture of Joe Kalb's face

I’m the podcast’s host, Joe Kalb. In 2017 and 2018, I started learning that many people were overcoming diseases in ways I never considered possible. And it was happening regularly! I was stunned. . . so many of the health problems that my friends, co-workers, and loved ones dealt with were not the inevitable or strictly genetic problems that I had always believed them to be.

People were improving their health and enjoying their lives so much more. The positive impact was profound. . . so profound that it felt unfair that I had this knowledge and others did not. So many people have so much benefit from this information. That’s why I started You Cured What?!: to get potentially healing information to those who can stand to benefit from it.

I hope you enjoy the podcast, and I hope it helps you improve how you feel.