Ep.15: Type 1 Diabetes with Andrew Berger


Ep.15: Type 1 Diabetes with Andrew Berger

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It's just changed everything.

Conditions Reversed

Type 1 Diabetes, Acne, Retinopathy


Andrew Berger

Episode Notes:

[1:00] Andrew is introduced; diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at age 3, he is 29 as of recording. In 23 months, he has lowered his HbA1c from 7.8% to 4.9%.

[2:00] Andrew gives his background with Type 1 Diabetes. He was the only one in his school with Type 1 Diabetes growing up.

[4:15] Throughout the first decades of having Type 1 Diabetes, Andrew was also developing Type 2 Diabetes, which he attributes to the large amounts of insulin he was injecting to cover the food he was eating. Also, his blood sugar often got very high: into the 200s, into the 300s regularly, and even into the 400s.

[5:00] By the time he was 25 or 26, his eyes started failing. He was diagnosed with diabetic retinopathy.

[6:30] After being diagnosed with the retinopathy, Andrew was frustrated with the vague advice he was given: “Control your blood sugars.” But no one told him how to do that.

[7:15] Andrew describes his history with Weight Watchers. He tried it several times. Largely unsuccessfully.

[8:00] Andrew heard Vinnie Tortorich’s podcast Fitness Confidential and he was ripping apart Weight Watchers and promoting a low carb diet. Andrew decided to try eating a low carb diet.

[9:20] Andrew’s health and blood sugar had improved significantly from low carb, and then he heard Shawn Baker promoting the carnivore diet on the Joe Rogan podcast. Andrew decided to try the carnivore diet (only foods from animals, none from plants– a meat-based diet).

[15:00] Andrew eats one meal a day: usually around 2 to 2.5 pounds of red meat.

[16:20] Andrew promotes intermittent fasting.

[18:50] Andrew’s pancreas still cannot produce (much) insulin.

[22:50] Andrew’s diabetic retinopathy has been getting better.

[25:15] Andrew once did a seven-day fast as a Type 1 Diabetic.

[26:20] Andrew now takes a different number of units of insulin each day: often 5, 9, or 13 units. Before starting a low carb diet, he used to take 60-65 units per day. He even had to take over 100 units some days prior to low carb.

[27:45] Andrew describes the subjective benefits he has felt from changing his diet. “I feel like a different person completely. My energy is insane.” He used to need a two-hour nap every day and was sleeping half the day.

[31:45] “I’ve never felt this way in my life. And I seriously mean that. In my teenage years, in my adult years. . . I feel like a little kid.”

[33:30] How have Andrew’s medical providers reacted to his tremendous health improvement? (“Holy crap! How did you do it?”)

[37:00] Andrew talks about how most conventional doctors think A1C values in the high 5s are normal and don’t know it’s even possible to get below 5.

[44:20] What are the staple foods of Andrew’s carnivore diet?

[45:00] Andrew extolls the virtues of eating beef liver.

[48:30] Now that he has improved his health, what’s one thing Andrew enjoys doing that he couldn’t do before?

[54:30] Are there any resources Andrew would recommend to listeners interested in his approach to healing symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes?

[1:01:00] How can Andrew be reached?


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