Ep.05: Kidneystones, IBS, Fatty Liver Disease, and More with Barbara Kendrick


Ep.05: Kidneystones, IBS, Fatty Liver Disease, and More with Barbara Kendrick

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I'm off all medications and I no longer have high blood pressure, IBS. I have not had a kidneystone in two years.


Barbara Kendrick

Episode Notes:

[1:10] Barbara details her health history. She was overweight dealing with hypertension, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, edema, chronic kidneystones, and more.

[3:35] Barbara’s highest weight was 367 pounds.

[5:10] Barbara would pass a kidneystone about once a month. She had multiple surgeries for this, and her medical team was unsure what was causing these kidneystones.

[6:00] Barbara found out she was also becoming diabetic (Type 2) around the time of her 40th birthday. (As of recording, Barbara is 44 years old.)

[7:00] Barbara is now off all medications and has not had a kidneystone in two years. She no longer has IBS, high blood pressure, or fatty liver disease.

[8:00] Barbara lost 170 pounds in the process (“a nice side effect”) of getting healthy.

[12:00] Barbara saw her health problems as being connected to insulin resistance, which she addressed by adopting a low carbohydrate ketogenic diet.

[15:00] Barbara describes what it felt like to transition from the standard American diet to a ketogenic diet. It was a difficult transition for a couple weeks.

[17:50] Barbara describes what kept her going through the rough transition (the “keto flu”).

[20:55] Barbara still had a few kidneystones in her first year on the ketogenic diet. And her blood pressure remained elevated for her first year on the diet. Her blood sugar came down right away and her IBS went away quickly.

[27:15] Barbara’s doctor is fully supportive of her ketogenic diet, asks her questions about it, and has even recommended it to other patients.

[28:30] Barbara describes a lot of the foods she eats on her ketogenic diet: she usually eats less than 20 grams of carbohydrates per day. Strict keto through the week, “dirty keto” on the weekend. She eats eggs, cheese, burgers, bacon, seafood, and veggies (among other foods).

[32:00] Barbara did not count calories for her first couple years on the ketogenic diet. Now to break a plateau, she has begun tracking the calories she’s eating.

[34:00] She has found there is such a thing as eating too many ketogenic foods.

[35:50] Barbara’s husband (her “swole-mate”) lost 60 pounds and her daughter lost 125 pounds. Both did so eating ketogenic diets.


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