Ep.19: Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma with Brandon LaGreca


Ep.19: Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma with Brandon LaGreca

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Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma


Brandon LaGreca

Episode Notes:

[0:55] Joe gives a brief overview and biography intro for Brandon LaGreca.

[2:20] Brandon gives the background on his diagnosis. He was 34 and went to the hospital with horrible abdominal pain in January 2015. It turned out he had a 4-inch abdominal tumor, causing a bowel obstruction. It turned out to be stage 4 non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

[4:25] Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma is considered incurable in the conventional paradigm.

[5:10] What went through Brandon’s mind when he got this diagnosis?

[6:30] One part of Brandon went into shock, but the other part went into his clinical problem-solving mindset.

[8:00] Brandon is glad his oncologist didn’t give a specific prognosis or do any “medical hexing”.

[9:20] Brandon asked his oncologist: if Brandon made it to 5 years without a recurrence, would there be something different about him? The oncologist said yes. It has now been 5 years.

[10:30] Brandon already wrote the book Cancer and EMF Radiation, and he is now working on a new book Cancer, Stress, and Mindset.

[12:00] After his diagnosis, Brandon decided to see what conventional oncology had to offer him.

[13:30] Brandon was offered R-CHOP (Rituxanimmunotherapy drug plus a chemotherapy cocktail). Brandon didn’t want chemo so he reached out to his holistic medicine colleagues and friends.

[14:35] Brandon decided to take Rituxan for immunotherapy but opt out of chemo, and his oncologist agreed. Brandon would put together an integrative protocol in combination with the Rituxan.

[15:50] At first, Brandon did four sessions of Rituxan once a week for four weeks to reduce tumor burden. After that, he did one session every two months.

[17:00] After the first four sessions (to allow the effects of the drug to initially be isolated), Brandon kicked his integrative protocol into high gear. This protocol included supplements, homeopathics, and emotional and spiritual support.

[18:20] Brandon finds that one of the big benefits of his integrative protocol was that after getting healthy, he could continue the practices (unlike chemotherapy, which can only be done temporarily).

[19:05] The first category of his integrative protocol was emotional/spiritual/mindset. One key to this was asking himself how he would be a better person on the other side of the cancer diagnosis.

[22:25] Another category was detoxification via heavy metals chelation and sauna work.

[25:45] Brandon followed the work of Dr. Nick Gonzalez and Dr. William Donald Kelley who focused on metabolic type diets. In Brandon’s case, he followed the parasympathetic diet with a good amount of animal fats and proteins. He also ate a colorful array of vegetables and fruits. No processed foods.

[28:30] Brandon also added in different herbs and nutraceuticals. Some examples are medicinal mushrooms, turmeric, hemp, and green tea.

[29:40] Brandon was also getting a homeopathic injection of mistletoe several times a week. This is based off the work of Rudolf Steiner.

[33:30] Brandon also incorporated different forms of meditation. One of these is a moving meditation called qigong.

[36:40] For diet, Brandon recommends the Weston A. Price Foundation for giving an umbrella of what nutrient-dense whole foods are and what good dietary principles are.

[40:20] What challenges did Brandon face on his journey to healing? Gastrointestinal distress issues have been challenging.

[46:30] Does Brandon consider himself cured of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma?

[48:00] Brandon recommends the book Radical Remission.

[50:35] Now that he’s improved his health, what’s one thing Brandon enjoys doing that he couldn’t do before?

[52:50] What recommended resources does Brandon have for others who want to learn more about his approach to healing from cancer?

[56:00] Brandon talks a bit about electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and their role as a carcinogen.


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