Ep.24: Sleep Apnea, Fatigue, Fatty Liver, More with Christine Trimpe


Ep.24: Sleep Apnea, Fatigue, Fatty Liver, More with Christine Trimpe

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I was told I had metabolic syndrome. But they never explained it to me.


Christine Trimpe

Episode Notes:

Christine Trimpe is this episode’s guest; she has reversed numerous health conditions: including but not limited to extreme fatigue, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, obstructive sleep apnea, cystic acne, and more. Along the way, she has lost over 100 pounds. Bust most importantly, she is now full of energy and doing her best to live a joyful keto life. As part of her work at JoyfulKetoLife.com, she has even provided a special “Goals” resource for listeners of this episode:

Click here to grab Christine’s “Goals” resource.

[3:00] Christine shares her health background (age 53 as of recording). She was chubby during childhood but started having big problems in college (she gained not the Freshman 15, but the Freshman 40).

[4:15] Christine tried everything to get her weight under control: Weight Watchers, medical weight loss centers, intense exercise, and more. She could never find anything that worked sustainably.

[6:10] Christine discovered Dr. Jason Fung’s work on January 13, 2017, and it was life-changing.

[6:25] Christine had a major turning point for her health in the fall of 2015 when she was unable to join her husband on a mountain trail hike. This motivated her to improve her health and look into her sleep problems. She was diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea.

[8:50] Christine found out she had not only painful ovarian cysts, but also fatty liver.

[10:45] Christine’s first step was to cut sugar; and her first step in cutting sugar was quitting coffee cold turkey because she used flavored sweetener in her coffee.

[12:00] Over ten months, Christine resolved her headaches, migraines, and cystic acne by simply cutting sugar out of her diet. However, she only lost 18 pounds over this time, which was far from her goal. And she still had several other ailments.

[15:40] What were the next steps after Christine binge-watched/read Dr. Jason Fung content? She was brought to tears by the idea expressed by Fung that “this is not your fault”.

[17:00] (Speaking of her former doctors) “I was told I had metabolic syndrome. But they never explained it to me.”

[18:15] Christine took the two week Diet Doctor Challenge (starting on a low carb diet) and the rest is history.

[20:00] Other than weight falling off, what did Christine notice? She was bouncing off the walls with energy (after previously suffering from chronic exhaustion).

[21:30] Christine’s diet includes 20 grams of carbohydrates or less per day and she does 18:6 intermittent fasting.

[24:15] What are Christine’s staple foods? She now eats a lot of red meat, some pork, some salmon, some greens, some cauliflower, olives, and she eats cheese and other dairy foods.

[27:00] “How much would it blow your mind from 5, 10 years ago (Weight Watchers background) that you could lose that much weight and overhaul your life to that degree packing bacon, olives, and cheese for lunch every day?”

[29:10] “My energy is so much better just eating two meals a day. You know, whole healthy meals that keep me energized and satiated throughout the day.”

[29:40] Christine shares the story of the reversal of her obstructive sleep apnea. This is backed up by a sleep study. Completely reversed. Her doctor: “It’s very rare that people come off a CPAP machine.”

[33:00] How have Christine’s family and friends reacted to her health transformation?

[34:20] Christine shares the name of her blog: Joyful Keto Life (joyfulketolife.com). Also, she has a website for her speaking ministry at ChristineTrimpe.com.

[37:00] On her journey to health, what have some of Christine’s challenges been?

[39:00] Christine even needed new shoes because her shoe size went down.

[39:30] Christine shares her experience doing a medical weight loss program. Even though she lost weight doing it, it was a different type of weight loss than she’s had on keto. Her body composition is better on keto; after weight loss from calorie restriction, she was still TOFI (Thin Outside, Fat Inside).

[41:30] Does Christine consider herself cured of her conditions?

[41:55] Christine’s fatty liver reversal has even been confirmed by ultrasound.

[42:40] “I used to think that eventually I was going to have to have knee replacement surgery and my knees don’t hurt at all anymore.”

[43:40] Christine shares her “second mountain story”. It was a remarkable change from the “first mountain story” only 2 and a half years earlier.

[46:50] Now that she has improved her health, what is one thing Christine enjoys doing that she couldn’t do before?

[50:10] How can listeners get in touch with Christine? She has a special “Goals” resource page for this episode, and she has JoyfulKetoLife.com and ChristineTrimpe.com

[51:45] Does Chrstine have a closing message for the listeners?


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