Ep.02: Migraines with Cynthia Wellington


Ep.02: Migraines with Cynthia Wellington

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I think that’s the thing that I like the most about my lifestyle now, it’s that I’m actually alive.

Conditions Reversed

Chronic Migraine Disorder


Cynthia Wellington

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Episode Notes:

[1:30] Cynthia describes that migraines are different from regular headaches.

[2:45] Cynthia’s norm was to be less than 100%, and she felt “somewhat muted”.

[3:45] Cynthia tried several medications for her chronic migraines.

[5:30] Someone recommended DietDoctor.com to Cynthia.

[7:30] Cynthia started getting migraines around age 17; she is 46 at the time of recording.

[8:45] Cynthia used to get cluster migraines too; she described how painful these are.

[10:00] Many of Cynthia’s family members also get migraines.

[16:00] Cynthia never used to diet because she wasn’t obese.

[17:40] Due to her migraines, Cynthia felt she was missing out on her life; she was not able to be present.

[19:40] After trying a low-carbohydrate diet, Cynthia noticed that the amount of time between migraines was increasing.

[21:00] Cynthia used to center her life around snack foods, especially sweets.

[22:00] Now, Cynthia mainly eats meat.

[25:00] Cynthia describes some of her changes in diet that helped her avoid migraines.

[27:30] Cynthia used to be addicted to sugar, which initially made the transition to a ketogenic diet difficult.

[28:40] As of recording, Cynthia has been following a ketogenic diet for about three years.

[30:30] After accidentally having sugar-laden salad dressing, Cynthia had her first migraine in a long time (two hours after eating the dressing). This made it hit home that the migraines really were a result of what she was eating.

[33:40] Cynthia describes what a prodrome is.

[38:15] Does Cynthia know anyone else who has attempted a low-carb diet for migraines?

[40:15] Cynthia notes the importance of sodium for people who suffer from migraines. She learned the importance of sodium from Angela Stanton’s book Fighting the Migraine Epidemic.

[43:20] Cynthia mentions that Angela Stanton has helped thousands of migraine sufferers with her protocol. “The protocol 100% works when you follow it.”

[45:40] Migraine expert and author Angela Stanton is very engaged on Twitter; she is always looking to help others stop their migraines.

[47:30] Cynthia’s migraines went away gradually. They started happening less frequently and less painfully until they finally went away completely.

[48:40] Does Cynthia consider herself cured of chronic migraine disorder?

[52:30] Now that she has regained her health, what is something Cynthia enjoys doing that she couldn’t do before?


  1. Pascale

    I have also been following Angela Stanton directions for more than 2 years now via her Facebook group and after decades of regular migraines, i have no more migraine and am in the process of healing my insulin resistance. All that WITHOUT medication and as long as i have the right way of eating, i am fine. If you are a migraineur buy her book, it is full on but definitely worth it!

    • Joe

      That is terrific to hear. Thank you Pascale!

  2. Joe

    Thank you for your work! Your book has been tremendously helpful to so many people.

    My wife and I even have a copy of it, as she suffers (very infrequently) from migraines.

    The success Cynthia has found from following your protocol speaks volumes to its effectiveness!


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