Ep.06: Bipolar Disorder, Depression, GERD, and More with David Smith


Ep.06: Bipolar Disorder, Depression, GERD, and More with David Smith

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I cured at least three major things: reflux, major depression, and prediabetes.


David Smith

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Episode Notes:

[1:40] David shares his health history. He marks his conditions largely by carbohydrate addiction and exercise addiction.

[4:50] David describes his background with bipolar type 2 disorder.

[6:55] David went to psychiatrists for depression and hypomania, and he tried medications for them, with limited success.

[9:00] David’s depressions were cyclical.

[10:00] David recently scored a 0 on a depression questionnaire for the first time.

[11:00] David has not had any depressive episodes since he began eating a ketogenic diet about 4.5 years ago.

[13:00] For nearly four decades between graduating college and learning about the ketogenic diet, David suffered from cyclical depressions at least every year. He describes some of the medications he tried during this long stretch of time.

[17:00] David now eats 10 egg yolks per day.

[19:00] David used to have a low body temperature, tingling in his fingers, and tooth decay to go along with his depression.

[19:30] David’s tinnitus, skin tags, and brain fog also went away with his dietary change.

[22:00] David has experimented with wearing a continuous glucose monitor to see the effects different foods have on his blood sugar.

[26:50] What were the changes in David’s diet that helped lead to his major health improvements?

[27:35] David initially did “lazy keto” or “dirty keto”. Now he eats largely carnivorously (meat, eggs, fish as staple foods).

[29:20] David recommends against eating seed oils (e.g. vegetable oil, canola oil, soybean oil, corn oil, safflower oil, sunflower oil, etc).

[31:15] David used to be very sensitive to sunburn. He no longer gets sun


[33:50] “If you don’t address root causes, you are asking for trouble.”

[38:50] How did David hear about the ketogenic diet?

[41:20] David discusses Dr. Christopher Palmer’s work noting that Palmer uses the ketogenic diet like a medication: this holds true to the idea that it can even be dangerous for Palmer’s patients to discontinue the diet cold turkey.

[41:50] David can make his gastroesophageal reflux disease come back in a few days by changing what he eats.

[47:20] David does intermittent fasting effortlessly now. He feels enhanced energy and mental clarity.

[49:00] David used to be addicted to carbohydrates; he ate a lot of Ben and Jerry’s!

[50:40] David has experimented with hyperthermic stress exercise.

[52:20] After a hyperthermic exercise experience, David noticed a cessation of his carb cravings.

[55:00] David has noticed leg cramps are related to electrolyte intake.

[56:45] How have doctors, family, and friends reacted to David’s change in diet and in health?

[1:07:15] Now that he has improved his health, what is one thing David enjoys doing that he couldn’t do before?


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