Ep.28: IBS, Psoriasis, Anxiety, Sleep Apnea, Much More with Larry and Kay Lynne Diamond


Ep.28: IBS, Psoriasis, Anxiety, Sleep Apnea, Much More with Larry and Kay Lynne Diamond

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Even bigger than dropping the weight, he was so much happier.


Larry and Kay Lynne Diamond

Episode Notes:

Larry and Kay Lynne Diamond, a husband and wife, have healed from many health conditions. They have put sleep apnea, severe allergies, joint pain, anxiety, depression, psoriasis, and more into the past. They healed themselves using a combination of modern science and ancestral wisdom. They also helped their young daughter’s health significantly. And Larry now helps others as a coach and researcher for The Fasting Method (TheFastingMethod.com). He offers a free consult to see if personalized coaching is a good fit at https://thefastingmethod.as.me/larry-consult

[0:55] Joe plugs his “website of healing” project: DiseaseReversals.com

[1:55] Joe introduces Larry and Kay Lynne Diamond.

[2:55] Larry gives some background on his health background. His journey to health started on May 1, 2013. He was 47 years old and “completely breaking down”. Anxious, fatigued, weak.

[4:10] Larry had sleep apnea and severe allergies. He was on lots of meds for his allergies.

[5:20] Larry’s intuition told him that, at age 47, he was going to die by age 50 if he didn’t make major changes.

[6:40] Kay Lynne mentions one of the questions Larry posed: “Why am I hungry all the time?”

[8:50] Larry describes some of his work as a coach and researcher with The Fasting Method.

[11:10] Larry has had clients improve many health conditions and health markers such as triglyceride:HDL ratio.

[13:00] Larry had severe IBS. He was often brought to his knees in pain after eating and he often had bloody stools. Lots of inflammation too.

[14:45] Using historical, anthropological thought process, Larry privileged “real” foods in his diet.

[15:55] To combat insulin resistance, Larry decided to lower his carbohydrate intake. He started to question the popular idea that fat is bad for you.

[18:00] Larry only lost 2 pounds the first month by lowering carbs and not snacking. . . but by the end of the first month, he was no longer hungry all the time. That was “game over for illness” and “the start of a new chapter in my life”.

[19:40] “In less than a month, I changed my biology.”

[20:30] Kay Lynne started to change her diet about eight months later. She was in rough shape. Almost 200 pounds (at five-foot-two), with joint pain, sleep apnea, anxiety, and depression (and medications for some of these conditions).

[21:50] Larry took over the cooking. So they were having healthy meals at home.

[22:30] “I had basically accepted by that time I was just overweight… I had accepted the joint pain and the back pain as ‘approaching middle age'”.

[23:10] “Even bigger than dropping the weight, he was so much happier.”

[24:00] By Christmastime 2013, Larry (five-foot-nine) was around 230 pounds. He lost about 60 pounds in seven months (and went on to lose a total of about 100 pounds in a year).

[26:00] Kay Lynne mentions how upset she was when they determined they should remove corn from their diets.

[28:35] Going grain-free (including dropping corn), Kay Lynne’s joint pain started to go away (including her hip pain in the middle of the night). This major effect was confirmed when she had some corn chips and her hip pain came back within 8 hours.

[30:40] Kay Lynne lost about 20 pounds from January to June 2014.

[31:10] After a surgery that did not allow Kay Lynne to exercise for a couple months, she continued losing weight; she lost approximately 20 more pounds that summer.

[31:50] What were the staple foods in the Diamonds’ diet? “Meat and veg”. Whole foods, close to nature, cooked in natural fats. Primal.

[36:40] How did Kay Lynne’s anxiety and depression respond to the new diet? She was able to taper off her anxiety and depression medications.

[37:55] Larry and Kay Lynne have also started a morning meditation practice. And Larry is learning more about breathing thanks to the book Breath by James Nestor.

[38:20] Kay Lynne loves the paleo approach because it is more than just nutrition. It encompasses the whole person.

[40:00] The Diamonds have experimented and tried other foods outside of their “meat and veg” paradigm.

[41:35] How did the Diamonds’ sleep apnea (they both had it) respond to their Paleo diets? It resolved (though Kay Lynne admits she still snores sometimes).

[43:50] Larry and Kay Lynne have been trying mouth taping to improve their nostril breathing and they have felt benefits.

[49:00] Larry mentions that he has a passion for epigenetics and true root cause healing. Including regenerative farming to heal the land.

[50:35] Joe mentions that he and his wife Hilary are expecting a baby girl.

[51:30] What impact have the Diamonds’ dietary strategies had on their daughter? (She was about 3 years old when they started eating this way) She has always eaten what her parents eat.

[52:30] The Diamonds adopted their daughter from foster care; her biological mother had been very young and came from a challenged past. This meant, healthwise, their daughter was initially “behind the 8-ball”. Even before embarking on their health journeys, they were supplementing her with high-quality fish oil pills and organic foods.

[53:30] When their daughter went in for her 3-year-old checkup, she was very small. In the 3rd percentile for height. After the family changed to Paleo/real-food/lower-carb/grain-free diet, she was in the 25th percentile at her 4-year checkup. (And now, 7 years later at age 10, she is at the 50th percentile!)

[54:20] The Diamonds also saw major improvements in their young daughter’s behavior after adopting better (grain-free) diet.

[55:20] Kay Lynne discusses the importance of prenatal and gestational environment (diet, stress, etc.) for the health of a growing child.

[56:20] The Diamonds let their daughter experiment with foods outside of the Paleo paradigm, but they help her connect how she feels to what she ate.

[58:10] Larry discusses that, because of her diet improvement, she will be taller than she would have been (on standard American diet). Her organs will be better. She was placed into their house at 8 months from foster care and had skin issues. (She had been on soy formula)

[59:35] Larry implores parents to try grain-free diets to improve anxiety and behavioral issues. Also, sugar, refined carbs, seed oils are good things to cut out (good news: those are usually packaged up together, so removing one often removes others).

[1:02:30] Joe: “So many parents, if they knew, if they had this kind of information, they would at least trial this.”

[1:05:30] “Our daughter is one of the most robustly healthy kids we know even with, as my wife said, ‘behind the eight-ball'”.

[1:07:20] “It’s not deprivation, it’s joy. And that mindset is very important.”

[1:08:50] Larry details his improvements in triglyceride:HDL ratio. His triglycerides came down from being in the 200 range (!!) to 95 in a few months. And his HDL started to rise from the 20s into the 50s and 60s. His trig:HDL ratio went from over 7 (often high ratios like this are associated with worse outcomes for heart disease and many other conditions) to under 1! And it has stayed that low for years.

[1:11:30] Does Kay Lynne consider herself cured of her ailments?

[1:13:45] Now that he has improved his health, what’s one thing Larry enjoys doing that he couldn’t do before?

[1:16:05] Now that she has improved her health, what’s one thing Kay Lynne enjoys doing that she couldn’t do before?

[1:18:05] Larry and Kay Lynne’s daughter makes a cameo!

[1:19:30] How can listeners get in touch with Larry and Kay Lynne? Larry mentions TheFastingMethod.com, which also enables a free 30-minute consult about personalized coaching. Larry’s email is larry@thefastingmethod.com. He is on Twitter and Instagram as natureboyrr. He also has a Facebook page: Healthy, Happy AF

[1:22:00] Do the Diamonds have a closing message to express?


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