Ep.04: Diabetes, Depression, Allergies, and More with Doug Wright


Ep.04: Diabetes, Depression, Allergies, and More with Doug Wright

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What cured me. . . was nutrition. Finding nutrition for myself and looking into the root cause of the symptoms that I lived with.


Doug Wright

Episode Notes:

[1:45] Doug grew up as a football player and lived at a high weight.

[2:20] Doug was suffering from depression, borderline type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and he also just got sick more than the average person. He also had dry skin, bloating, and he got sunburnt very easily.

[3:00] Most of the aforementioned problems went away as he underwent a journey of changing his diet. This journey started when Doug adopted a ketogenic diet. After that, he started eliminating foods that caused him problems and added more high-quality animal foods.

[4:00] Doug first eliminated seed oils, nuts, and any highly-processed plant foods (“if it comes in a bag or box”) that he could. Then he started adding animal foods like steak, eggs, and liver.

[4:45] Doug has noticed additional benefits at each step: from standard American diet to keto. From keto to carnivore. And even more small benefits from carnivore to raw carnivore (yes, that’s raw meat!). Now he hasn’t been sick in years.

[6:30] Doug looked at the root cause of his health problems instead of just treating the symptoms. In doing so, he lost well over 150 pounds. And once he started feeling better, he felt more like exercising.

[8:50] Starting at age 20 or 21 (he is nearly 27 as of recording), Doug began eating a ketogenic diet for about 4 years. He had good results. But he then began experimenting and noticed additional benefits from removing many plant foods.

[10:20] Doug considers the removal of sugars, grains, and seed oils very important to his health.

[12:00] In 2017, Doug experimented with Protein-Sparing Modified Fasts. He lost a lot of weight but did not feel optimal. He feels this was not addressing root cause of his health issues.

[13:45] Doug challenges others to find health for themselves and to look at root cause instead of symptoms.

[16:00] Doug understands that eating a raw carnivore diet sounds radical, but he doesn’t push everyone to eat that way. He just found health for himself in that way.

[17:40] Doug has been eating a raw carnivore diet for nearly 2 years.

[18:00] Doug and Joe discuss a book they both learned a lot from: Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Weston A. Price

[25:15] After changing to a ketogenic diet (and eventually to carnivore), Doug doesn’t need to eat as much food. He feels more satiated now that he has cut highly processed foods out of his diet.

[27:15] Doug’s blood sugar is now stable.

[30:00] Doug provides a bit of background about the depression he used to suffer from.

[32:00] No one ever told Doug that depression and his other conditions were reversible. He had to dig into that himself.

[34:40] Doug used to be allergic to basically “everything”. This includes a serious cat allergy. He does not suffer from allergies anymore. Also, he does not sunburn nearly as easily anymore.

[39:00] Doug shares some of his recommendations for other people looking to address the root cause of their health issues.

[48:00] How has Doug’s doctor reacted to his change in diet and in health?

[50:15] How has Doug’s family reacted to his change in diet and in health?

[52:15] Doug is a moderator of the World Carnivore Tribe Facebook group, which has nearly 50,000 members.

[56:50] Does Doug consider himself cured of his conditions?

[59:00] Now that Doug has improved his health, what’s one thing he enjoys doing that he couldn’t do before?


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