Ep.16: Dyslexia, Multiple Sclerosis, Colon Cancer with Ian Morris


Ep.16: Dyslexia, Multiple Sclerosis, Colon Cancer with Ian Morris

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It was like an upgrading of my soul.


Ian Morris

Episode Notes:

[1:50] Ian gives some background on his health history.

[2:15] Ian struggled in school as a child.

[3:50] As a budding baseball player, at age 17 or 18 Ian was diagnosed with mitral valve prolapse and heart arrythmia.

[5:20] Ian had always loved sports, but after high school Ian found himself being moved by music (but he was also dealing with suppressed emotions and depression).

[6:30] As a young adult, Ian started a non-profit named Homemade Genius. It shared music and poetry with underserved communities.

[8:00] Ian’s health began to fail and he racked up $60,000 worth of doctor bills. One of his doctors diagnosed him with multiple sclerosis and another diagnosed him with colon cancer. In 2011, he weighed around 315 pounds.

[9:30] Two books were suggested to Ian over and over: You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay and The Healing Power of Sound.

[10:30] Ian Morris started getting into mind-over-matter, into meditation, and into frequency-minded music with headphones.

[12:15] Ian was 32 or 33 when he was going through his major health problems (including MS and colon cancer diagnoses).

[13:15] Ian describes how he had muscles twitching, skin outbreaks, digestive problems, and constant horrible migraines. His body was even rejecting foods he had always eaten (including strawberries, peanut butter, and especially meat).

[15:00] Looking back on the time when Ian was sick, he feels like he has died and is now a completely different person.

[16:40] Ian is a co-founder, along with Dana Kato, of Listening To Smile. Their work with Listening To Smile helps clients improve their health and their lives through some of the same methods that helped Ian heal (sound healing, mindset, meditation, etc.).

[19:10] Ian describes sound healing.

[21:10] Sound healing is a recalibration on a frequency level on the body. On a deeper level, it is dealing with consciousness expansion (more awareness). (Some clients say things like “I’m hearing the birds more”)

[22:50] The brain reacts when it is exposed to new sound frequencies, expanding your sound palate beyond what you normally feed it.

[24:50] What was the timeline like on Ian’s healing?

[25:50] In a year or a year and a half of breathwork, mindfulness, and sound healing, Ian lost 110 pounds.

[26:45] During his sickness, Ian was in pain constantly. He had horrible migraines which led to depression; Ian even contemplated suicide.

[27:45] Ian describes 528 Hz music (“the frequency of love” on the Solfeggio scale) healing his migraines in 3-7 minutes. Also, he feels his dyslexia is 95% gone, as is his brain fog.

[29:50] “It was like an upgrading of my soul.”

[31:40] Ian describes that pure tones are very powerful. He sees them almost like “audio medicine”.

[32:20] Ian’s company sells albums for individuals and for practitioners at ListeningToSmile.com.

[36:30] Ian talks about how tempo, music, and melody can be used to pump someone up or to help someone calm down.

[38:05] Ian’s company has dubbed the song Belief Code 21 as the “frequency of peace”. Many people use that song for anxiety relief and to relax before bed. The song is approximately 30 beats per minutes.

[40:30] Ian describes what sessions are like for clients who come to his company Listening To Smile.

[48:30] What is the reason Ian recommends over-the-ear headphones? He likes to keep wireless frequency activity away from brainwave activity, and he also likes the frequency response you get from over-the-ear headphones, and he likes their ability to block out other sounds.

[53:00] Ian gives an overview of how binaural beats can be helpful and how they can bring about specific brainwave states. Listening to binaural beats to put your brain into a theta state allow the brain to go into a highly-programmable state which can be used to undergo behavior change.

[55:45] Binaural beats can create peaceful brainwave states very quickly. In ten minutes, listening to binaural beats could put the listener’s mind into a state that could take years of meditation and/or breathwork practice to get into without that musical aid.

[1:00:00] Ian and Joe continue discussing how binaural beats can be used in powerful ways by putting mind into programmable state and by changing our default subconscious “programming”.

[1:03:00] Does Ian consider himself cured of his conditions?

[1:03:50] Ian believes stress is at the root of almost all suffering.

[1:04:20] Ian believes nutrition and mindset are important to his health improvements.

[1:06:00] What have some of the challenges been on Ian’s road to health?

[1:09:35] Ian describes the nutrition changes he made on his healing journey. He stopped eating meat and now eats less fat and more fruit. He also does time-restricted eating.

[1:12:50] Now that he has improved his health, what’s one thing Ian enjoys doing that he couldn’t do before?

[1:14:20] How can Ian be reached online? The main way is via ListeningToSmile.com (ian@listeningtosmile.com) Also his company has Spotify albums available here


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