Ep.10: Lyme Disease with Jason Sousa


Ep.10: Lyme Disease with Jason Sousa

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You have to deposit things like socialization with family and love and light and sound... to feel better.

Conditions Reversed

Lyme Disease


Jason Sousa

Episode Notes:

[1:00] Jason is a functional medicine health coach and the founder and CEO of Solas Light.

[1:55] Jason grew up close to Lyme, CT.

[2:40] Jason got Lyme twice. He got it once in 2007 and once in 2013.

[3:45] Jason’s medical providers initially just followed the standard approach and gave him antibiotics for Lyme.

[4:50] Jason was having awful symptoms of Lyme: nerve pain, couldn’t get out of bed, could barely walk, serious pain in stomach, liver, and kidney.

[6:00] Lyme is an infection (from a tick bite); once you have it, you will always test positive for Lyme; it’s in your blood. It’s like having a parasite in the body.

[6:25] What alternatives (to standard conventional medicine approach of antibiotics) did Jason try for Lyme?

[7:20] Some of the alternative healing modalities were herbs, sound therapy, light therapy, high-dose Vitamin C, and even crystals. The (retired) doctor who helped him with these treatments is Arthur Gertler.

[8:20] Light helped his body heal, which is why he started Solas Light.

[9:20] Jason sat/laid on mats that pulsed specific electromagnetic fields (EMFs) to help combat Lyme and found this beneficial. Some studies indicate that certain frequencies can actually kill parasites and regulate blood flow and other processes.

[10:25] Certain sound wavelengths can be beneficial. They were healing for Jason.

[12:35] Jason started feeling better within 6-8 weeks of doing the “alternative” treatments.

[14:10] Jason says his sickness ultimately put his life onto a better path.

[14:50] Jason was amazed that there were not more opportunities available to use light therapy which had been so beneficial for him. 15-20 minutes a day reduced his inflammation and improved his mood. To provide this type of technology: that’s what motivated him to start Solas Light.

[17:10] Jason describes a red light therapy session and goes into some of the ways red light therapy works in the body (through helping body’s cells’ mitochondria function properly).

[18:50] Red light boosts cellular ATP production (cellular energy).

[21:10] Humans are natural beings that need light.

[22:30] Red light therapy typically operate on two wavelengths.

[23:50] Jason’s testosterone used to be low. Red light therapy took his free testosterone levels from 300-400 levels up to nearly 1000.

[25:55] Jason’s dad saw a lot of benefit for hair growth from red light therapy.

[27:55] Jason describes the subjective improvements in energy and libido from the increased testosterone he’s gained from red light therapy.

[29:40] Jason stands in front of his red light for about 15 minutes a day, 5-6 days a week. 5 minutes of that he stands naked to get the testosterone boost (using the red light wavelength).

[31:40] Jason shares one of his favorite customer stories: the customer used red light to improve back and nerve pain. And his daughter used red light therapy to overcome horrible menstrual cramps.

[34:55] Did diet make any impact on Jason’s health?

[37:20] How did crystals factor into Jason’s healing Lyme treatments? His mood “just changed”

[39:55] Jason gives some detail on blue light and how excessive amounts of it are likely harmful for health.

[47:35] “How human can you be during the day?”

[48:10] Jason recommends his company’s blog for more info on red light and also recommends searching “red light” at Science Direct.

[50:55] Does Jason consider himself cured of Lyme Disease?

[52:55] Jason considers socialization with family, love, light, sound, good food, good water, good relationships good ways to make deposits to your own health.

[53:25] Now that Jason has improved his health, what is one thing Jason enjoys doing that he couldn’t do before?

[54:25] Jason’s company’s site is solaslight.com (use code 10OFF for 10% off) and his health coach website is healthopsy.com


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