Ep.30: Depression, Anxiety with Jason Andrews


Ep.30: Depression, Anxiety with Jason Andrews

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Conditions Reversed

Depression, Anxiety,


Jason Andrews

Episode Notes:

Jason Andrews is a talented online commentator, coach, and hypnotist. As a young man, he healed from his own anxiety and depression via hypnosis. After he was able to beat these conditions, he decided to learn hypnosis himself so that he could help others. He now helps others overcome social anxiety, achieve habit change, clear emotional backlogs, and more. Find out more about Jason at JasonAndrewsHypnosis.com

[0:55] Joe plugs his DiseaseReversals.com project; a website of healing.

[1:55] Joe introduces Jason.

[2:50] Jason gives some background on his life, especially as it relates to the anxiety and depression he suffered from at a young age. His mother and her father both had suffered from anxiety and depression. Jason suffered from social anxiety.

[4:20] Around the age of 15, Jason got caught up in a religious group. That group was extraordinarily skilled at persuasion and getting people to change their minds. He said this group helped many people, but it made his anxiety and depression much worse. He even suffered panic attacks.

[6:00] Jason’s doctor put him on anti-depressant drugs. He says it made him a lot dumber. And then his highs weren’t high and his lows weren’t low.

[6:45] Jason tried SSRIs (think: Prozac, Zoloft, etc.). It killed his sex drive. He tried all sorts of other medications too.

[8:20] Jason read Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins.

[9:10] Jason learned from Ross Jeffries. Jeffries used hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to seduce women as a pick-up artist.

[10:00] Jason gives a brief overview of what hypnosis is and what NLP is.

[10:40] Jason worked with a mentor.

[12:10] Jason’s mentor, during a chat, told a story about pigs. And in the story, a big fat ugly sow was slaughtered. And at that moment, Jason’s anxiety was gone forever. And Jason felt it all over his body.

[14:00] This made Jason want to go all in on hypnosis. He says many movies, including the newest Star Wars movies, are full of hypnosis. Christopher Nolan movies are also hypnotic.

[16:00] As Jason’s anxiety was instantaneously healed, his muscles were twitching. It may have been a release of kinetically stored memories.

[18:20] Jason briefly got into the Pickup Artist world.

[19:00] Jason continued working with his mentor, who helped him reverse more programming he had received from the aforementioned religious group.

[20:20] What type of results has Jason had working with family, friends, and paid clients (Jason works as a hypnotist and coach)?

[21:40] Jason describes a client who he helped overcome social anxiety. But when he got to the end (his anxiety had “evaporated”), the client said: “By the way, how do you talk to people?” He had never learned to really talk to people because he had always been so focused on his own social anxiety.

[23:50] Jason describes how he runs hypnosis sessions.

[25:00] Jason provides some details on how to bring someone into a hypnotic trance.

[26:05] Jason can now help people even without bringing them into a formal trance. “I don’t know what just happened, but I feel better about it.”

[29:10] Jason shares remarkable “downstream effects” where fixing one issue fixes a bunch of peripheral issues: for instance, they might come in to relieve their overwhelm (and get help in limiting their social media usage) and they end up being able to breathe better. Or their back pain goes away.

[32:00] Jason discusses the deep connection between the mind and body, and how perhaps we sometimes store traumas or stresses in the body. He says there are theories that the body may be part of the mind as opposed to being the other way around.

[37:50] “This is an example of literally working with someone’s metaphor but changing their actual reality. And that’s really what hypnosis is all about.”

[40:30] Jason talks about trying to frame conversations under perspective that your conscious mind and subconscious mind are on the same team.

[42:00] What is Jason’s perspective on hypnosis as it relates to people thinking they are not suggestible? And as it relates to people being worried that the hypnotist will program something harmful into them?

[48:30] Does Jason consider himself cured of depression and anxiety?

[51:30] Now that he has improved his health, what’s one thing Jason enjoys doing that he couldn’t do before?

[51:50] “The anxiety and depression I had were sort of the crippling kind, not the annoying kind.”

[53:15] Where can Jason be found online? His website is JasonAndrewsHypnosis.com. And his Twitter is: http://twitter.com/PersuasionRisng


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