Ep.11: Lyme Disease with Juan Pablo Alvarez Máynez


Ep.11: Lyme Disease with Juan Pablo Alvarez Máynez

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I even feel better than before this thing triggered.

Conditions Reversed

Lyme Disease, Chronic Fatigue


Juan Pablo Alvarez Máynez

Episode Notes:

[1:50] In March 2017, at age 30, Juan suffered a tick bite while mountain biking.

[3:35] In the first six weeks, Juan saw six different doctors and got many differing diagnoses. At the time he was suffering from chronic fatigue, muscle pain, and mental confusion.

[4:50] Juan talked to people who had Lyme Disease or knew people with Lyme. They recommended that he go to the United States (Juan lives in Mexico) to see an allopathic doctor in California.

[6:10] Juan was diagnosed with Lyme and confections (Rickettsia and Babesia). He was told it would take four years to heal, with antibiotics being the key to treatment.

[7:35] Juan started out on nine different medications. Two or three weeks into this treatment he was suffering from many side effects from all the medications (vomiting, diarrhea, feeling awful); this was a low point for him and he was victimizing himself.

[10:00] Lyme Disease is an autoimmune disease. He describes how autoimmune diseases lead to the body attacking itself.

[10:55] Lyme Disease is often confused with one or more other autoimmune diseases. It mimics other diseases, making it difficult to diagnose and treat.

[13:50] Juan had a wake-up call in his life.

[15:50] Juan started putting together a plan to support the medicine. He thought the medicine wouldn’t heal him 100%; his body would have to become stronger too.

[16:50] Juan came across a VICE documentary on Wim Hof which described the Wim Hof Method which has potential for helping with autoimmune conditions.

[18:50] Wim Hof had found peace and inner strength through a specific breathing practice and through going out into the cold in nature.

[19:35] The Wim Hof Method consists of deep breathing, of cold exposure training, and of mindset and commitment. The mind/body connection is very important to the Wim Hof Method.

[20:20] Research at Radboud University showed the power of the Wim Hof Method. Initially it showed Wim’s ability to control his autonomic nervous system; this turned out to be repeatable by everyone who used Wim Hof’s method (deep breathing, cold exposure, mindset and commitment).

[23:10] Wim Hof found that humans have the ability to regulate their immune reactions and their autonomic nervous systems.

[25:50] Wim Hof’s method involves breathwork, cold exposure, meditation, mindset, and commitment.

[27:35] After hearing about Wim Hof, Juan thought it could be helpful for his autoimmune condition. He bought a 10-week course on the Wim Hof Method.

[28:20] Juan describes his first ice bath experiment (at the 8-week point of the 10-week course).

[29:05] Juan was amazed at how he felt in his first ice bath.

[32:00] Juan started adopting the mantra “Lyme can’t stop me”

[33:40] In less than ten months (as opposed to the predicted 4 years), Juan tested negative for Rickettsia and Baresia.

[35:30] What happened in the first eight weeks of Juan practicing the Wim Hof Method?

[36:10] Juan felt better energy-wise and in his joints after his first time doing Wim Hof breathing.

[42:50] Juan also practices grounding and eats a no-processed-food Paleo alkaline diet.

[43:20] After a year of taking medicines alongside his natural approaches, Juan decided to try a fully natural approach (he was still feeling side effects of the medications).

[45:50] Juan decided he was going to go all-out for 15 straight days: grounding himself to the earth, getting sunlight into his eyes, eating a Paleo alkaline diet, and sitting in an ice bath every day.

[48:20] Juan’s symptoms (“sensations”) went way down from his 15-day focused healing effort. Also his quickness at recovering from ice baths improved dramatically.

[50:55] What are the foods Juan ate as part of his paleo alkaline diet?

[53:50] Juan considers that his lifestyle (poor diet, unfulfilling career, less-than-ideal friendships), in the years leading up to the tick bite, weakened his immune system.

[55:20] “Nutrition is not only food. It’s air you breathe, it’s water you drink, it’s thoughts you put inside your mind.”

[56:20] Juan considers lifestyle and thoughts to be a 50/50 split in importance.

[57:50] At Wim Hof Method instructor training, Juan felt a calling (“You’re here to do something else”).

[1:01:50] Juan also practices fasting now.

[1:02:05] Juan finds that we (humans) have too much comfort now.

[1:04:10] Juan advocates for a neo-primitive way of living which is more connected with nature.

[1:07:40] Juan breaks down the importance of thoughts.

[1:10:05] Juan recommends the documentary Transcendence.

[1:13:05] Juan describes doing the pose “The Shelf” (similar to a one-arm plank). Visualization helped him accomplish the pose for the first time, after a great deal of practice.

[1:16:50] Juan has taken up mountain climbing, even in the cold.

[1:18:05] Juan tells the story of his journey from being a successful management consultant at an e-commerce company to becoming a full time Wim Hof Method instructor to help others heal and attain wellness. “It’s not that I don’t like this job, but it doesn’t fulfill me.”

[1:24:20] You can find workshops taught by Juan at wimhofmethod.com. Juan is based in Mexico City; he goes to Phoenix and LA fairly often. Also, you can find Juan on Instagram at http://instagram.com/ElSrDeLosHielos

[1:26:55] Does Juan consider himself cured?

[1:31:40] Now that Juan has improved his health, what’s one thing Juan enjoys doing that he couldn’t do before?

[1:34:10] Juan now eats just once per day.


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