Ep.14: Ulcerative Colitis with Kyle Williams


Ep.14: Ulcerative Colitis with Kyle Williams

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I got sick with something that was supposed to be incurable and have to be on medication for the rest of my life, and I believe it's been reversed and cured.

Conditions Reversed

Ulcerative Colitis


Kyle Williams

Episode Notes:

[1:45] Kyle gives his background with ulcerative colitis, which started in 2015 or 2016. He was going through a stressful time in his life.

[3:00] Kyle noticed blood in his stool (he was 29 or 30 at the time).

[4:00] Kyle had his first ulcerative colitis flare at work shortly after noticing blood in his stool. After that, he was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis.

[5:30] After the initial flare, Kyle’s overall health went into a tailspin.

[8:00] After taking antibiotics, Kyle began having horrible abdominal pain and got C. diff.

[12:40] From California, Kyle moved back in with his mother in Florida.

[15:00] Kyle began eating a new diet: the Specific Carbohydrate Diet.

[18:00] Kyle noticed slow progress from the Specific Carbohydrate Diet.

[22:00] Kyle began seeing a therapist to see if that would help his health.

[23:40] After a while on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, Kyle went on a binge at 2017 Christmastime: ice cream and pancakes galore.

[25:00] Kyle went back on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, and things were not getting better. Every bowel movement was bloody and painful.

[26:15] Kyle began feeling shame; he was buying adult Depends because he was afraid of soiling himself.

[27:30] Kyle began going to a support group and he went back onto medication in July/August 2018.

[30:15] From his initial diagnosis of mild ulcerative colitis, after getting another colonscopy, Kyle was diagnosed with moderate-severe ulcerative colitis. He was at risk of needing to have his colon cut out surgically.

[32:30] With medication and a nightly rectal enema, Kyle’s bleeding stopped within a week.

[33:10] Backtracking to March of 2018, Kyle had a horrible panic attack and convulsions and Kyle had to be taken away from a convention in an ambulance.

[35:20] After the panic attack, Kyle began seeing a new doctor. Kyle’s new doctor, Dr. Marcus Ettinger, told him that he should consider the carnivore diet (eating only animal foods and salt).

[36:40] Kyle’s doctor (the one before Dr. Ettinger) told him that the drug he was on (mesalamine) was not going to work anymore. Kyle was going to have to go on Remicade/Humira, an immunosuppressant. This drug is extremely expensive (“a crap-ton of money”), it compromises the patient’s immune system, and once you go on it, you may never be able to come off the drug.

[39:45] Kyle decided he would go on the carnivore diet.

[40:50] When Kyle started on the carnivore diet, he ate just beef, salt, and drank water.

[46:25] What results did Kyle see upon adopting a carnivore diet in October 2018?

[48:00] Kyle began weaning off medications in March 2019.

[50:50] What other steps has Kyle taken beyond the carnivore diet in his healing journey?

[51:30] Even beyond diet, Kyle’s doctor promotes the importance of environment (light, water, and magnetism) on biology (and therefore health).

[54:20] Kyle thinks his resilience is improved (he can cheat greatly on his carnivore diet at times without feeling ill effect) because of his improved environment.

[58:50] What changes has Kyle made to improve his environment? The first item he changed is reduce artificial light, especially blue light (a specific spectrum of light). He uses blue-blocking glasses for this.

[1:02:10] Kyle also credits getting more sunlight with improving his health. Especially morning and evening sun.

[1:09:00] Kyle has also seen benefit from utilizing the Wim Hof Method. Kyle has done the Method’s specific form of breathing exercises and cold exposure.

[1:14:45] “I could not have made the health recovery I have made while caring too much about what other people think of me.”

[1:17:45] Does Kyle consider himself cured of ulcerative colitis?

[1:19:00] Now that he has improved his health, what’s one thing Kyle enjoys doing that he couldn’t do before?

[1:23:00] Kyle gives his closing thoughts regarding humans being made to be outside, regarding comfort, and regarding personal growth.


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