Ep.00: Preview Episode: What is You Cured What?!

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Ep.00: Preview Episode: What is You Cured What?!

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Welcome to You Cured What?!


Joe Kalb

Episode Notes:


Welcome to You Cured What?!. What is You Cured What?!? Why do I keep saying “What”? You Cured What?! is the podcast of reversing the “irreversible”.

Every episode features a real-life story where the guest has overcome a health condition that most people would think they’d be stuck with for life. The guest shares how they overcame that health problem and what they learned along the way.

So who am I? I’m your host, Joe Kalb. I’m just a random guy. Through podcasts and social media, I stumbled onto information many people would want to know. Diseases are reversible! There are whole communities of people online who have learned how to heal from many diseases that are typically considered chronic and progressive. I cannot unsee what I’ve seen. Now I’m passionate about getting the word out to others in the hope that they can take control of their own health and in doing so, that they can find more joy in their lives.

We have recorded several episodes already, covering health conditions such as migraines, Crohn’s disease, type 2 diabetes, and even depression.

The guests have been the stars of this podcast; they have been eager to spread the positive effects that they’ve felt in their lives. Their stories are helpful, educational, and inspirational.

So if you want to learn how someone overcame a specific health problem, or if you just want to hear an inspiring story of a real person overcoming a substantial obstacle, tune in for the next episode of You Cured What?!.

Thank You

Thank you to Curtis Brause for the podcast’s theme music. And thank you Josh Taguiam for the podcast logo!

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  1. Sean Erikson

    Can’t wait Joe!! #inspired!


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