Ep.29: Fibromyalgia, Insomnia, Depression, More


Ep.29: Fibromyalgia, Insomnia, Depression, More

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You don't need the pill. You have the power in your mind to change your life.


Shawn Wells

Episode Notes:

Shawn Wells has a wealth of experience improving health. The world’s leading nutritional biochemist and a former Chief Clinical Dietitian, he has counseled thousands of people on natural health solutions. And he has personally overcome various health issues including Epstein-Barr Virus, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, depression, a pituitary tumor, and more. Known as “The Ingredientologist”, he is the author of The Energy Formula.

[1:00] Joe plugs his DiseaseReversals.com project.

[1:55] Joe introduces Shawn.

[3:50] Shawn gives his health background. He was overweight as a child and had low self-confidence.

[6:25] Shawn’s doctor, with words, helped Shawn chase down his dream of becoming a nutritionist.

[7:00] A college guidance counselor crushed his dream, with words. Shawn almost killed himself afterwards.

[11:15] Shawn was working 70-80 hours a weeke and got a brain tumor.

[11:50] Shawn does carb cycling, but largely eats a ketogenic diet. Paleo, whole foods. Also he practices gratitude, meditation, uses saunas, and cold showers. He also works with therapists (including hypnotherapy).

[14:20] “Everything happens for you and not to you, and I believe that.”

[16:25] Shawn describes how he got into the ketogenic diet (approximately 20 years ago). He did a lazy keto diet and still included some processed foods, so he doesn’t consider it a perfect diet, but he still had a lot of success with it.

[21:10] Shawn suffered from depression and he went from being overweight to being underweight and anorexic.

[23:45] How have Shawn’s physical health and mental health interacted?

[28:20] Shawn finds that by improving mental resilience, he is more physically capable. And likewise, as he improves his physical resilience, his mindset improves.

[29:30] Shawn talks a lot about how “the obstacle is the way”. What are some of the biggest obstacles he has faced?

[34:15] Does Shawn have any tips for how listeners can improve their mindset? He mentions religion and relationships as important concepts to consider.

[40:15] “Start changing your words and you change your life.”

[41:50] How has Shawn’s pituitary tumor progressed over time?

[48:00] Are there any supplements that Shawn finds that are beneficial for a lot of people he works with? He lists off most of his Top 10 list and provides the reasons for each.

Vitamin D3 (5000-10,000 iUs per day, with Vitamin K2)
Fish oil (high DHA)
Magnesium (especially magnesium glycinate)
Creatine monohydrate
Probiotics (also he mentions prebiotics and postbiotics)
Vitamin C (liposomal)
Active forms of B vitamins (like P-5-P and methylcobalamin)

[58:20] Now that he’s improved his health, what is one thing Shawn enjoys doing that he couldn’t do before?

[1:01:15] Shawn describes his book: The Energy Formula. It’s about how to give yourself energy. ENERGY is an acronym.
E = Experiment
N = Nutrition
E = Exercise
R = Routines
G = Growth
Y = Your Tribe

[1:04:40] Shawn Wells gives a closing message. “You don’t need the pill. You have the power in your mind to change your life.”


  1. Shawn Wells

    Thank you so much for having me on. I am big fan of your podcast. Also, your dedication is amazing, putting this up whilst having a baby unexpectedly early! Congratulations my friend!

    • Joe

      Thank you Shawn! I appreciate you coming on and sharing your healing journey!

      (And fortunately I had the episode prepped prior to our little girl being born, allowing me to roll this out without compromising any baby bonding time 🙂 )


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