Ep.09: Sleep Apnea, GERD, and Hypertension with Vic Basmadjian


Ep.09: Sleep Apnea, GERD, and Hypertension with Vic Basmadjian

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Now, I'm enjoying life a lot more.


Vic Basmadjian

Episode Notes:

[1:00] Vic Basmadjian is now a health coach but he comes from a background of battling obesity and having years and years of sleep apnea and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD, also known as acid reflux).

[3:50] Vic used to be a bit of a yo-yo dieter. He could lose weight for a while but he wouldn’t keep it off.

[5:00] Vic tried Weight Watchers several times.

[7:00] The heaviest Vic ever got was 295 pounds.

[8:10] Vic is 57 at the time of recording. He started to have hypertension at the age of 25. Even on blood pressure medication, he was borderline hypertensive.

[10:15] Vic’s medical providers gave him the advice of “Eat less, move more, and watch your salt.”

[12:30] On top of high blood pressure, Vic was suffering from acid reflux.

[13:15] Vic describes some of the symptoms of acid reflux.

[15:30] Vic’s GERD got progressively worse from age 40 on.

[15:45] At age 50, Vic was diagnosed with sleep apnea.

[16:50] Every 15 seconds or so during his sleep, Vic’s breathing was stopping. He was put on a CPAP machine.

[19:35] What did Vic change at age 55 (at a weight of nearly 300 pounds)? He started cutting out starchy foods.

[21:00] After some success by cutting starchy foods, Vic’s son mentioned the ketogenic diet to him.

[21:50] Vic started following Doctor Tro online and learned a lot from him.

[25:30] What was the timeline like for Vic’s transformation and reversal of high blood pressure, GERD, and sleep apnea?

[26:40] Within two months of adopting a ketogenic diet, his blood pressure normalized. He had to reduce his blood pressure meds, and eventually went off them altogether in about 6-7 months.

[28:30] It took about eight months of the ketogenic diet to be able to come off his CPAP machine.

[33:50] From nearly 300 pounds, Vic got his weight down to about 180 pounds. He has maintained 180-185 pounds for approximately a year and a half as of recording.

[35:00] What types of foods make up Vic’s ketogenic diet?

[46:00] What was Vic’s doctor’s reaction to Vic being able to come off thirty years of blood pressure medication?

[50:15] Vic got a lot of his family to improve their diets even if they didn’t all go full-on keto.

[51:15] Vic’s wife eventually went full-on keto and lost 35 pounds.

[52:00] Vic helped two of his friends lose 100 pounds apiece.

[53:15] Vic is now a keto coach; he does it out of passion.

[56:30] Does Vic consider himself cured of hypertension, GERD, and/or sleep apnea?

[57:45] Vic used to have eczema on his fingers and he has seen a large improvement in that.

[58:45] Now that Vic has improved his health, what is one thing he enjoys doing that he couldn’t do before?


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